Below, we share some testimony and thanks from the people we support & minister to in Kenya.

Testimony of one of our sponsored students

Dear AIDex.  I am a born again Christian from a Muslim family by the name Omary Amani Sadara. One thing that has renewed my life is accepting Christ & acknowledging Him as my personal saviour and renovator of my entire life.  Having lost my father at a young age and my two beloved brothers in graves.  This made me to live with my grandmother in Uganda.  She taught me more of Christian virtues hence renewing my life under knew mentor that is Christ Jesus.  At the tender age of 9, I was attending church services in a church.  The reason was to acknowledge Jesus Christ.  So this actually made me to accept the fact that God the creator of heaven and earth is the father of Christ Jesus.  God sacrificed His own beloved son to die for you and me to be saved of eternal death and receive eternal life. This is incredible my beloved ones.  My poor sister Fatuma dropped out of school in form three.  This was due to lack of funds for her support.   I joined Sigalama Boys in 2008.  There I joined Christian union on the very first week.  I started reading Bible even in front of the assembly.  I felt so shy.  So that is how I found myself serving the Lord.  I was first supported by AIDex Australia while in form three.  They presented me a bible . Inside the bible there was a message to me: “Omary seek first the kingdom of God” …Mr Russell. He taught us about the love of God and the motto of AIDex: ” to serve God and help others”.   Definitely the work of AIDex is of great value.  Basically it was and still is of great support to us Kenyan people.  From my first encounter with AIDex I have seen them doing incredible things for orphans, widows and even churches. Let my sincere gratitude go to all AIDex sponsors.  I know anybody who sees you around Africa actually smile.  I pray that God grant you much worth then the good you are doing.  May the peace, love, care and power of our living God that surpasses all power be with you through Jesus Christ our saviour. Omary Amani Sadara

Hello Russell,  Greetings in Jesus’ name. As a fellowship we had very very nice moments as we were interacting with you. Thanks for your participation in this year’s July Conference in which you encouraged, supported & even touched the hearts of widows.  Teachings were wonderful. The very deep theological teachings that left pastors and elders stronger ministry wise.  We would like to thank you very much for enabling us to access  this college.  This institute is sound with very committed staff who teaches real Theology. What you are doing for the community around will be remembered even for generations to come.  The medical camp had been planned well but due to nurses strike various challenges were realized. In general we were really blessed by the AIDex teams that visit us.   Widows are preparing their farms & are waiting for the onset of rains to plant.  Thanks for all the gifts you gave to our leaders and widows. It is our hope that God will give you grace as you serve in His Vineyard. Be Blessed…Alfayo Makio Busia West.

Hi Russell, Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, together with all those in the body of Christ in Australia,  Thanks for your support & participation towards this year’s conference.  You encouraged & even touched the hearts of pastors, their wives & leaders.  The conference was good with wonderful teachings of God’s word.  We also thank you for your gifts we received like bible commentaries & study bibles.  We received the funds for the conference at the right time enabling us to move on with planning without financial problems.  We appreciate & thank God for that.  The pastors & their wives give testimonies of how they were richly blessed & wonderfully encouraged with teachings.  We appreciate for the library which has been put in place.  The bible school is going well & we thank you so much for the sponsorship of the students.  We wish you all the best as we also hope for your coming again next year. God bless you. Yours in Christ. Pastor Samuel Egesa. Secretary Sioport.