Our latest news from Kenya. 

Letters from those we have been or are currently sponsoring

Dear AIDex FAMILY, I am writing this letter to convey my honest, genuine gratitude and appreciation for the support that you have provided for me through the AIDex SPONSORSHIP that has enable me to transit and endeavour in my academic journey. Becoming an Accountant has always been my dream in life. Thank you for helping me attain one of my greatest dreams. You have inspired me in many ways, one of which is to give something back to the community through scholarship when I am able to in the future. Sincerely, Namudiru Elivas.

From Philip Opwoko: He has graduated from the Kenya Medical training college having successfully completed Orthopaedic Clinical medicine.

From Benjamin Aurah: My sincere gratitude to you Russell and AIDex in particular for the financial and moral support you gave me through my years of study. I also celebrate what God has done to me through AIDex, and more so, having allowed me to be part of the AIDex family today. May AIDex outlive us to continue impacting generations by LOVING GOD AND HELPING OTHERS. REGARDS SHALOM Benjamin

From Sefia Zahara: Who has been helped through her schooling since 2004. S she writes to thank us after her bachelor of arts graduation majoring in Kiswahili & CRE: I would like to thank the AIDex foundation for everything they’ve offered me, the support they gave me and all the prayers offered on my behalf, thank you AIDex family for everything. Thank You so much sir Russell, your family and friends, may your doors always remain open so that you continue helping as many people out here, Thank You and may you be healthy always.

From Ben & Benjamin: The widows had good crops and were starting to harvest them. We praise God for the good harvest and His provision. The widows wrote: Brother Russell honestly you have changed many lives in our community and changed the faces of many homes and we really thank God for the vision and the heart to help vulnerable members of our community. We thank you heartily for identifying us, mapping us and circumstantially aiding us, our orphaned children, other vulnerable children, and but most recently supporting us in food security through agricultural activities. We had good and satisfying harvest, shared among ourselves and even donated the surplus to few aged and ailing within our community. May God’s grace be upon the entire AIDex fraternity. Be blessed.

Medical camp 2023 testimonial & Video

Mark Oundo was one of the beneficiaries of this year’s minor surgeries organised by AIDEX. He’s so much appreciative and says he’s doing well. According to him, he was initially told to go to Eldoret or Kakamega (between 100 & 200 kms away) for the operation which needed 35,000 KES (about A$420). He didn’t believe that he could be relieved of that problem without paying a cent. His picture after surgery below.

Dominic Omondi was another as his testimony video is below.

They were two of the 48 patients who was successfully operated on by our Doctor Kenny from Australia during the camp. Others of our medical camp team were nurse Kristen from Australia & Nurse Joseph & Paciphilia, Clinical officer Jedidah, Community health workers Erina & Samuel and lab doctor Frank all from Kenya. Together they saw and helped 473 patients.

More pictures of the medical camp and 2023 missions trip can be found by clicking the tumblr icon top & below right (T)

In Memory, we remember those we sponsored who have passed this last year
Novet Wandera former secondary student of Bujwang’a Secondary school (picture below). He had been sick for a few weeks but the reason for his early death unknown.
Emmanuel Egesa current student of Secondary school (picture below).
He unfortunately drowned in the river Sio while collecting water for his family.
Please pray for their families and loved ones as they grieve their loss. Also pray for Emmanuel Bwire Makokha who fell in a ditch while riding a bicycle to get collect water for his family. He fractured his right arm. Also pray for Ben who has been very sick and for his mum whose hand has become paralysed. Pray for parents of our F1 and Junior Sec. (Grd 7) students to be able to pay for their admission requirements. Given that times are tough financially here in Kenya. Pray for our continuing students both primary, secondary, poly and college/university for a healthy and successful 2023. Pray for our Widows for more unity and organization in their projects this year. Pray for us (Ben and Benjamin) for journey mercies, unity and strength. We’re embarking on primary school visits plus recruiting new students and later on visit secondary schools. Pray for Ben in particular because a lot depends on him to head, direct and coordinate the Kenyan team. Pray for our tailors for health and strength. Soon we’re involving them in primary school visits as they take measurements and later on sewing the uniforms. Pray for our families and our unity as the Kenyan team even as we coordinate with our Australian team for the success of AIDex vision and mission. Benjamin writes, we need prayers as a country because we have demonstrations twice a week(Mondays and Thursdays) by the opposition team against the government hence affecting a lot of things i.e. economy (shops are closed), education(students around affected areas can’t go to school). Also for Widow Loyce (sick and gone for an operation) and enough rains for the season to yield good harvest(we’ve had over 3 years of inadequate rain hence affecting the yields consecutively).